2016 Spring Regional Meet

Show Field Panorama

Panorama of Show Field, April 16th, 2016



On behalf of the Heart of Texas Chapter, Thank each and every one of you who attended our little event. It was both an honor and pleasure to be your hosts. While we sadly know of a Ranchero that did not, it is our hope and prayer the rest of you made it home safely.

Officially we had 60 cars attend the event. A great turn out!

We heard nothing but raves this weekend about the event, please don’t hesitate to share any negatives. If we host again it will only just make a better event. If something did go wrong allow us the opportunity to make it right next time. Below you will find the winners for the Regional Show and and a photo gallery.

Thank you!


Top 15 Awards (No particular Order):

Jack Ellis 65 ht  –  Phillip Nelson 63 cvt  –  Russ Welty 65 Squire  –  Ricky McClendon 63 cvt  –  Troy Syvro 63 Sprint cvt  –  Glen Moyer 65 ht  –  Robby Sutton 64 cvt  –  Rodney Love 62 Ranchero  – Gary Brubaker 65 Ranchero  –  Jim Ward 64 ht  –  Andrew Brown 63 2 dr. sedan  –  Tom Umlauf 65 Ranchero  –  Jeff Jennings 61 2 dr. sedan  –  Gray Skinner 64 ht  –  Liz Alvord 67 Wagon

Top “Non” Falcon: Jake Sposato 1974 Falcon XB (Australian)
Diamond in the Rough: Jordan Mixon 61 sport sedan
Ladies choice: Don Martin 64 cvt
Oldest Falcon: Tammy Pope 60 2 dr. sedan
Furthest Driven: Jack Ellis – 539 Miles
Best of Show- Stock: Tammy Pope 60 2 dr. sedan
Best of Show – Modified: Don Martin 64 cvt